Arrow Episode 2×04 Review – “Crucible”

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Arrow Season 2 Cast Poster Wide 775x529 Arrow Episode 2×04 Review – “Crucible

The CW’s Arrow Drops Jaws in the First 10 Minutes with a Ginormous Reveal

Episode 204 of the CW’s Arrow was spectacularly surprising. Not only did we discover that Sarah Lance was alive and well, but we also learned that she has masqueraded around Starling City as The Black Canary. On top of all that her sister, Laurel, has acquired a drinking and pill popping habit that caused her to wind up with a DUI, and the revelation that Oliver knew Sarah was alive was one of the biggest jaw-droppers of all. All of this may seem like an episode full of crazy hijinks and big revelations, but we also learned that Alderman Sebastian blood is in fact Brother Blood.

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“Now let’s hope you do your family prouder than he did.” Clé Bennett guest stars as The Mayor and does a brilliant job of terrorizing Starling City in “The Crucible.” The Mayor’s real name is Xavier Freed, a soldiers who served in Afghanistan and now has returned home to find The Glades steeped in poverty and crime. But instead of making The Glades a better place, The Mayor has decided to rule the town as a warlord. Freed made a great villain and I loved seeing Oliver and Sebastian working together for a common goal. In the previous episodes, Sebastian has been anti-Queen and it was nice seeing him see in Oliver, what we all see in him. A man who has been through a lot and is trying to make the city better. Oliver’s Guns for Cash program was similar to programs that exist in many actual cities that allow people to turn in guns that they either own or have found to the police in exchange for money. One of the great aspects of this story was watching Sebastian and Oliver somewhat become friends and then having things turn on a dime with the reveal that Sebastian is indeed brother blood, one of Oliver’s biggest nemeses. (More…)


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