Arrow Episode 2×05 Review – “League of Assassins”

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Arrow Season 2 Cast Poster Wide 775x529 Arrow Episode 2×05 Review – “League of Assassins

The CW’s Arrow Brings The League of Assassins to the Small Screen With a Flourish in “League of Assassins”

This week’s episode of Arrow flashes back to the fateful night the Queen’s Gambit went down at sea, but this time it’s told through Sarah Lance’s eyes. “League of Assassins” brings the famous group to television and shows how a troubled young woman ascended through their ranks, and how that decision made her feel unworthy of her family’s love. Meanwhile, Laurel joins Moira’s prosecution team with an offer of life in prison instead of the death penalty. Moira Queen’s life is looking pretty bleak (and short), yet the matriarch isn’t loosening her lips. “League of Assassins” gives a look at the love one has for their family, and how the unconditional love they feel towards one another can withstand any obstacles that threaten to keep them apart.

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“Some things, though, are better left in the past.” Usually we are treated to flashbacks of Oliver’s time on the island during his five-year disappearance. As interesting and insightful as those are, episode 205 gave us a different take on that time period with Sarah-centric flashbacks. The episode begins showcasing Oliver and Sarah’s fling on his father’s boat, and shows us what happened to the youngest Lance after the ship sank. Rescued by a nearby freighter, Sarah was brought aboard, and subsequently recruited in to the League. In the present day, the League is after Sarah because she ran away from them. Once you’re a member, the only way out is death. Even though Sarah never intended to return home, the earthquake caused her to return to check up on her family, and once she was back, Sarah found it difficult to return to her life as a killer. (More…)


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