Arrow Episode (2×07) Review – “The State Vs. Queen”

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Arrow Season 2 Cast Poster Wide Arrow Episode (2x07) Review   The State Vs. Queen

The Dead Has Arisen!

I’ve been noticing a trend this season on television. I’m not sure if it’s the success of cable’s foray into series television or what, but network television has gotten darker this season. The CW’s Arrow is definitely one to follow suit. Season 2 has done mostly away with the camp and soap opera antics, beefed up the action sequences, and explored darker material. Oliver is no longer a man bent on vengeance, but a man who genuinely wants to save his city. All season long we’ve watched Oliver try to find other ways to do this than outright killing, and his character has evolved more in nine episodes than I think he did all last season. “The State vs. Queen,” however, wasn’t about Oliver’s transformation, but Moira’s.

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“Count Holds City Hostage to Drugs” Thanks to a flashback to the night of the Undertaking, we’re led to believe that the episode would be about the Arrow facing off against Count Vertigo once again, but while that plot point was interesting, it was just a distraction from what was really going on. Seriously, did anyone truly believe Diggle would die from a Vertigo overdose? Seth Gable was fantastic once again as the drug peddling villain, and while I’m sad to see him gone(?) for good, The Count’s reign of terror (LOL) wasn’t what I was focused on. Instead of enjoying the fun, crazy, over-the-top performance of a fan favorite’s return, I was too preoccupied sniping at the horrendous portrayal of lawyers and the legal system that was Moira Queen’s trial. (More…)


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