Betrayal Episode (1×07) Review – “…We’re Not Going to Bailey’s Harbor”

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Betrayal Review 775x435 Betrayal Episode (1x07) Review   ...Were Not Going to Baileys Harbor

ABC’s Betrayal Continues to Explore the Ramifications of Infidelity

Now that Drew has discovered Sara’s infidelity with his nemesis, Jack McAllister, Jack and Sara must deal with the consequences of their Betrayal. In episode 107, Sara loses her home after Drew puts her out following his discovery, and Jack is forced to come clean to Elaine and their children. Now that the cat is out of the bag, two families are forced to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. Meanwhile, T.J. ends up losing the one thing he wanted more than anything when Brandi is forced out of his life. Permanently.

“I used to think that I was so lucky to be your son. I never think that anymore.” Now that the case against T.J. Karsten has been dropped, Thatcher decides to tie up loose ends and get rid of anything that connect him to his son’s phony alibi. In other words, Brandi must go. Thatcher may be looking at all of the possible legal consequences for his actions, but T.J. is looking at the situation as a man in love. He may be brain damaged, but T.J. is smart enough to realize his feelings for the prostitute. Feelings he discovered last week were reciprocated. Brandi originally was paid to keep T.J. company, but in the process discovered a good man who wanted to be by her side. One aware and accepting of her past. Just when it appeared T.J. would finally get the girl of his dreams, Thatcher’s henchman killed Brandi and made it look like a suicide. What I’m wondering is if Thatcher ordered Brandi’s death, or did old dude thought he was being proactive? Either way, T.J. is sure to blame his dear old dad, and may turn on his father, which may be to Drew’s benefit. (More…)


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