Sleepy Hollow Episode (1×06) Review – “The Sin Eater”

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Sleepy Hollow Title Sleepy Hollow Episode (1×06) Review – “The Sin Eater”

Sleepy Hollow Returns With a Vengeance After 3-Week Hiatus

When we left off, Ichabod and Abbie had been searching for a way to kill the Headless Horseman and put a stop to the impending apocalypse. Then the World Series happened, and we were forced to wait three weeks to find out what the Dynamic Duo planned to do next. In episode 106, “The Sin Eater,” Abbie is forced to seek out means to sever the tie between Ichabod and the Horseman after Icky is abducted.

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“What is the point in baseball?” This week’s edition of Ichabod’s Lessons in Modernity, Ichabod learned the importance of baseball and how it stands for truth, liberty, and all that jazz when Abbie takes him to his first baseball game. The two heckle the umpire, and reminded me why I love seeing the two of them together. Though I’m not a fan of Abbie teaching him bad manners, I did love how at ease with each other the two seem to be, and thought Ichabod’s gleeful taunting of the umpire to be cute to the nth degree. Of course all of this cuteness was short-lived once Icky decided to pay his wife a visit which led to his kidnapping by what we later discovered were Freemasons. As Ichabod sat in “captivity,” Abbie went on a trip of her own thanks to Katrina’s weird Wax Museum dreamscape. (More…)


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