Sleepy Hollow Episode (1×08) Review – “Necromancer”

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Sleepy Hollow 108 Necromancer 2 Sleepy Hollow Episode (1x08) Review   Necromancer

Sleepy Hollow’s Headless Horseman Unmasked!

Fox’s Sleepy Hollow continues the fun with this week’s season one entry, “Necromancer.” In this episode Ichabod and Abby try to find a way to kill the Horsemen once and for all now that he’s been captured. Instead of going it alone, Ichabod and Abby had help in the form of Capt. Irving and Abby’s sister Jenny. As Ichabod and Abby tried to unravel the mystery of the Horseman’s origins, Capt. Irving and Jenny had to solve the mystery of an antique store robbery that appear to be connected to the Horsemen and a group of Hessians sent to free him.

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“Cause when I’m with him, I am thinking of you…” Finally the mystery of the Horseman’s relationship to Ichabod has been revealed. Through a series of flashbacks we discover that Ichabod has “stolen” Katrina from Abraham, and after Abraham was shot by a gang of Hessians he sold his soul to Moloch and agreed to become Death in exchange for getting his revenge against Ichabod and having Katrina as his prize. Previously it never occurred to me that the Horseman was someone Ichabod knew in life. However as this episode began The Horseman’s identity became clear. I loved this reveal because The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite stories and it’s great when they include characters or events from the Washington Irving story. Now that we know the Horseman’s identity and what Katrina has been hiding from Ichabod and Abby, the new mystery to solve is how Ichabod and Abby are going to free Katrina from Moloch’s grasp and return her soul in the bargain. (More…)


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