The Blacklist Episode 1×07 Review – “Frederick Barnes”

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The Blacklist Review 775x435 The Blacklist Episode 1x07 Review   Frederick Barnes

Red And Liz Try to Work Together Despite Differences

The Blacklist crew worked to solve case #47, “Fredrick Barnes,” while dealing with personnel issues. Red was still on Liz’ shit list after it turned out he “lied” about Tom being a spy, and Liz was on the Bureau’s shit list for not turning in Tom sooner. Bad decisions were the theme of the blame game everyone was doing, but in order for them to stop Barnes, “Quite literally the most dangerous man in the world,” (Robert Sean Leonard) from spreading radioactive poisoning around town, everyone had to put their differences aside.

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How to Win Friends & Influence People… Liz was still angry at Red for making her doubt Tom. On top of that, Liz is dealing with the repercussions of her decision to hide her investigation into Tom from the bureau.  Now that her home life is back to normal, Liz desperately wants to get her career back on track, and is glad for the chance to do just that when she learns of Barnes spreading strontium 90 in public areas, causing massive casualties. Barnes is a former defense research specialist, who is trying to cure the love child he had with his married research partner from a devastating illness. Leonard was a great casting choice as the murderous Barnes. Somehow he managed to convey a man desperate to save a child, but also able disconnect himself from the fact he’s taking human lives on a large-scale in order to do it. While I understand Liz’s attitude towards Red, I kind of feel like she brought it on herself. It’s great to trust people, but picking a criminal to trust is always a bad move. Personally, I believe Red, but Liz should have followed protocol and turned over the box to her superiors. This way if Tom was really innocent things would have turned out well. If not, then Tom wouldn’t have the chance to cover his tracks (which I believed he did) before letting on that he knew Liz was aware of what was hidden in the floor. Liz is a pretty likable and rational character, yet it never occurred to her that Tom may have waited to confront her, and that annoys me. Love may make you blind, but it shouldn’t ever make you stupid. (More…)


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