The Blacklist Review: Episode 1×08 “General Ludd”

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The Blacklist Review 775x435 The Blacklist Review: Episode 1x08 General Ludd
The Blacklist’s Case No. 109 Is Just Window Dressing For a Huge Reveal

This week on The Blacklist, Liz and Red teamed up to stop a terrorist organization, “General Ludd,” named after a 19th century revolutionary. This group is headed by Nathaniel Wolfe (Weed’s Justin Kirk) who’s aim was to destabilize the U.S. economy. While the two tried to stop the organization before it claimed any more victims, Liz struggled with the news her father Sam was dying from cancer, and we finally got an answer to a question we’ve been wondering about all season long.

Red: “You seem to think that only one person is involved. It’s a much bigger thing. It’s a movement.”

“General Ludd” kicked off the episode by blowing up a plane, killing all the passengers on board, and also killing a father and son on the ground below. They seemed pretty small time in comparison to all of the other cases Red and Liz have worked this season. Sure, people died and the organization attempted to steal U.S. currency plates, but this group seemed filled with a bunch or wrong intentioned criminals. I believe this had to do with the fact that the case of the week wasn’t the focus of the episode. The true focus was on Liz, and the answers viewers were finally going to be given. Red’s counterfeiting operation, and Wolfe’s group reeking havoc were just seeds planted that will probably sprout down the road. (More…)


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