The Walking Dead Episode (4×02) Review – “Infected”

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The Walking Dead Review The Walking Dead Episode (4×02) Review – “Infected”

The Walking Dead Shows How Fast This New Strain of Virus Can Spread

In The Walking Dead season four premiere we found out that the survivors have more to worry about then the walkers. Now they have a deadly virus that appears to be airborne and appears as the flu. When Carl’s friend Patrick ended up with the flu we discovered how deadly the virus becomes once it combines with the zombie strain. Now, not only is the virus contagious to humans, but to other mammals as well. Tonight’s episode of the walking dead shows how fast this new strain of the virus can spread and decimate a population.

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Binge Eating Spree in Cell-Block D – And the seven or eight months that have passed the season two finale Rick has tried to go back to normal life by becoming a farmer and seeing if he could bring Carl back to the boy he was before all of this began. Unfortunately this week Rick and Carl are both going to have to put aside their new life when the realization that they never can go back to way life was before finally hit them. This realization came about when Patrick, Carl’s friend, went on a binging spree by eating the survivors in cell-block D. Within moments many of the people were infected attacked the other survivors  causing Rick and the others to go and save the day. What this showed was that in the seven months that have passed the survivors thought they had a safe haven in the prison and began to to get a little too comfortable. It’s the middle of the zombie apocalypse but yet you’re sleeping with their cell doors open, farming and just kind of not really looking. This came to my attention when Glenn visited Maggie at the beginning of the episode up in the watch Tower and when he left he didn’t even look first to see if it was clear down below. Sad as it was to see Patrick and some the other survivors died due to the spread of the infection, it goes to show how becoming comfortable in the mist of this tragic situation also contributed to the loss of life. (More…)


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