American Horror Story Review Episode (3×12) – “Go to Hell”

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 An American horror Story Witch Gets Axed From the Coven

Next week is the American Horror Story finale, so it was obvious that someone was going to end up on the chopping block this week as the identity of the next Supreme is about to be revealed. Not only did one witch get the axe, but so did the Axeman, and another one was resurrected from the grave. “Go to Hell” showed what happens when you renege on deals and that for some people, Hell isn’t an idea or an afterlife definition. It’s right here on earth. Through a twist of fate (and murder) all the young witches have returned to the manner, and now the seven trials can begin. Who will be the next Supreme? This episode didn’t give any clues, but we do know who it’s not.

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“Jesus, Cordelia, you look like shit. What did you do to yourself?” Last week when Cordelia stabbed herself in her eyes with garden sheers I knew the witch would either sink or swim, and this week Cordelia proved she’s an Olympic swimmer. The visions took a while to appear, but once they did Cordelia saw Fiona’s plans to kill everyone, including herself, in order to maintain her power. I wasn’t really shocked by this. I think after 11 episodes the viewers have gotten a handle on the kind of woman Fiona really is. What did shock me, though, was Cordelia’s response. She didn’t confront her mother and threaten her. Instead, Cordy paid the Axeman a visit and revealed her mother’s plans to kill all the witches, and then ditch him once she got her strength back. This took gumption. Except when Cordelia was first blinded and began to kick some ass, Cordelia has mostly been a wet mop to afraid of her own shadow. Fiona always wanted her daughter to be more like her, and it looks like she finally got her wish. (More…)


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