Arrow Episode (2×11) Review – “Blind Spot”

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Laurel Lance Discovers that Not Everybody’s What They Seem on This Week’s Arrow

Laurel Lance has finally hit rock bottom, while Roy has decided to reach for the stars. On this week’s episode of Arrow, Oliver’s attention was pulled in many different directions thanks to Laurel’s investigation of Sebastian and Roy’s blatant use of superpowers on local criminals. While Oliver was being pulled in both directions, Slade and Sebastian decided to tie up loose ends in the midst of their first big spat. Roy and Laurel may be in the Origin phase of their individual superhero story arcs, but Slade is already busting out his Deathstroke gear. While this episode didn’t really serve to provide loads of information, it did manage to set up the remainder of the season.

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“I’ve learned a lot, too. This island taught me that you can’t trust anyone.” In the present Oliver may have tried to help Laurel and Roy, but in the past on the island Oliver’s only concerns were helping his friend Slade deal with Shado’s death. While we’ve yet to see if Oliver ever reconnected with Slade, the flashbacks this week dealt with Oliver and Sara’s relationship. It wasn’t really surprising when it was revealed that Sara always had a crush on Oliver. Didn’t we already know that? Why else would she had cheated with him on her sister aboard the fated voyage?  All of this discussion the two had about their past seemed to only remind viewers that these two had a storied history together. In the present we know what became of Sara, and I believe these flashbacks were meant to bridge the gap between what we’ve previously seen of Sara in both the present and the past to who she is when Oliver was with her on the island. Sara may be Black Canary now, but once upon a time she was a girl who put her trust in the wrong people. (More…)


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