Being Human Episode (4×01) Review – “Old Dogs, New Tricks”

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Being Human Review 775x435  Being Human Episode (4x01) Review   Old Dogs, New Tricks

Being Human Reminds Viewers That Our Choices Will Come Back to Haunt Us

SyFy’s Being Human returned for its fourth season taking the show in a new direction while keeping it familiar for long-time fans. When we left off last season, the four supernatural roommates had all made choices for short-term solutions, that will end up having lasting consequences. Josh and Nora killed the purebred werewolves to protect themselves from harm, but now Josh and Nora can only spend 30 minutes a month together. Nora still transforms on the night of the full moon, but now that’s the only night Josh is in human form. Sally  has been relegated to a hell dimension for refusing to stay dead, and despite where it’s landed her, Sally refuses to abandon her hold on our world and her friends. Jumping through Donna’s death spot will undoubtedly have major repercussions for her and possibly even the rest of us. Aidan’s revelation that werewolf blood cures vampire AIDS, and his believed failed attempt at properly turning another vampire will have ramifications for him and his friends. Not to mention the love triangle Aidan has no clue he’s in the middle of. As usual the guys have made a mess of things, but their desire to be human remains a noble one. The rules may have changed, but our desire to see how things will turn out hasn’t. (More…)


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