Being Human Review Episode (4×02) “That Time of the Month”

Posted January 27, 2014 by @Angelized_1st in Being Human, Entertainment, Television, TV Reviews / 0 Comments

Being Human Review 775x435 Being Human Review Episode (3x02) That Time of the Month
The Being Human Gang Find it Difficult to Let the Past Stay in the Past

Now that the Being Human gang is back together things should be looking up, but every gift they’ve been given seems to come with strings attached. Nora has waited for three months to get her husband back, but now that she has it seems that Josh still longs for his wolf. Aidan has carried the guilt of losing his family for centuries, and now that his wife Suzana has returned to him, it seems she’s no longer the woman he once knew. Sally has all this new power all of a sudden, but after Josh’s eyes began to weirdly glow at the end of the episode, it’s obvious Sally’s dabbling in magic will lead to major complications. All four friends struggle to remain human, but their refusal to just let things happen has had major ramifications for all involved. After two seasons of blunders, hopefully the gang will figure out a better way to resolve their issues, or learn to accept their fate. (More…)


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