Betrayal Episode (1×09) Review – “This Road Isn’t Even on The Map…”

Posted January 5, 2014 by @Angelized_1st in Betrayal, Entertainment, Television, TV Reviews / 0 Comments

Betrayal Review 775x435 Betrayal Review Episode 1x09 This Road Isnt Even on The Map...

Many Promises Were Made on This Week’s Betrayal, But Will They Prove Empty?

After a two-week hiatus, ABC’s Betrayal returned this week with an all-new episode. “This Road Isn’t Even on The Map…” focused on how people give their hearts to people without any sort of guarantee. What makes someone believe they’ll be with their lover for the next 20 years, and should you take the leap even if you could end up getting your heart broken? Val, Elaine, and Sara wondered this, and forged ahead with their romances despite all the recent hurts they’ve suffered. Meanwhile, T.J.’s broken heart nearly cost him his life after he overdosed on prescription medication, and Thatcher attempted to reconnect with his prodigal “son,” Jack. (More…)


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