Betrayal Episode (1×10) Review – “…Number 16″

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Betrayal Review 775x435 Betrayal Episode (1x10) Review   ...Number 16

ABC’s Betrayal Tries To Make Sense of Jack and Sara’s Love Affair With Possible Unforeseen Explanation

All season long I have pondered Jack McAllister and Sara Hanley’s affair, and in the Betrayal winter finale there seemed to be an answer: Jack was using Sara to keep tabs on Drew and get away with murder. Except that’s not what happened. After an entire episode of Drew trying to explain his wife’s irrational behavior, Sara remembers something from the pilot that none of us had forgotten – the night Lou was murdered, Drew was lying in Sara’s arms for the first time. While the fake-out reveal of Lou Mrozek’s murderer did nothing to shock viewers, Jack’s confession sure as hell did.

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Blood is Thicker Than Water…. In a surprise move (or not so surprising considering the character), Thatcher Karsten pointed his accusing finger at Jack as Uncle Lou’s killer to Drew at the end of last week’s episode. As much as I liked this turn of events, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Drew who was being played by Thatcher. Everything that Thatcher said against Jack could easily apply to him. Thatcher is a master manipulator and sociopath. Jack may have a history of skating the line between legal and illegal, but he did so at Thatcher’s behest. Instead of seeing Thatcher’s desire to come clean and hand over a murderer to the State for what it is – revenge – Drew took the bait to get back at the man who “stole” his wife. As convincing as Thatcher’s story seemed, Drew should have known better. I just hope he can move on before he lets the Karstens completely destroy his career and his life. (More…)


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