Betrayal Episode (1×11) Review – “…The Karsten Way”

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ABC’s Betrayal Finally Gives Fans the Answers They’ve Been Waiting For

The Winter Hiatus is over! At least for ABC’s Betrayal. The freshman sudser returned with a vengeance this week by unmasking Uncle Lou’s killer. Though I haven’t cared much for this storyline, I have to admit that the reveal gave the mystery about a underdeveloped character like Lou new life. Mysteries were solved, hearts were broken, and new traitors may have been born. There’s only one more episode left this season, and I think I may be sad to see this season end.

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“Sara, listen… there’s a reason for everything.” Drew may want to believe that his wife had been manipulated into leaving him by a criminal mastermind, but the truth is the only thing Jack has manipulated is taking the fall for his son Vic, Lou’s true killer. One of the criticisms of this show is how little story Vic has gotten this season aside from beating up school bullies, but now we know why. His anger management issues has been due to the guilt he’s felt over accidentally killing Lou to save T.J. This was a fantastic move on the writers parts. Vic finally has a story that may carry him over if the show gets renewed for a 2nd season, and now T.J.’s strange behavior has been explained. Not only that, but now Thatcher has been revealed as a man trying to protect his grandson, instead of a bastard willing to throw his “son” under the bus for some sort of petty revenge. The Karstens may walk the thin line between what’s legal and illegal, but they do stick together and trust one another. Even without telling his plans, they all knew Jack had one and that he was smart enough to carry it out. (More…)


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