Betrayal Episode (1×12) Review – “Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth…”

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Betrayal Review 775x435 Betrayal Episode (1x12) Review   Sharper Than a Serpents Tooth...

ABC’s Betrayal Winds Down First Season in a Hail of Bullets

As we head towards the season one finale of ABC’s Betrayal, we come closer to discovering who shot Sara Hanley. With Uncle Lou’s killer unmasked, Jack working for the prosecution to put Thatcher behind bars, and Jack and Sara’s romance on a break the series hasn’t slowed down. In the opening moments of the pilot we saw Sara being loaded onto a gurney by paramedics after being shot, and all season long we’ve watched events unfold with the notion that one of the characters we’ve come to know over the course of the season was capable of trying to kill the adulterous photographer. At first glance it may have appeared that Sara’s attacker was the same person as Uncle Lou’s murderer, and this week’s episode, “Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth…,” has done nothing to dispel that theory. In fact, it’s only given credence to that theory. Then again, red herrings always do.

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“Shut him up!” Even though Jack and Sara have broken up, it doesn’t mean they’re out of each other’s lives. Jack is now working with Drew to help put Thatcher behind bars for all the crimes he’s committed over the years, and in turn keep Vic out of jail for Uncle Lou’s murder. I have to say I’m surprised that Drew is going along with this deal, but I guess he’s not thrilled about prosecuting a teenaged boy who was only protecting his brain damaged uncle from another who dared turn a weapon on his own family. As interesting as it was watching Jack and Drew trying to put their differences aside for this common cause, I really enjoyed the tension in their scenes. You could really see how close to the surface their anger towards one another is at all times. Stuart Townsend and Chris Johnson were riveting to watch, and it always seemed that they would come to blows at any moment. And then they did! (More…)


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