Betrayal Review Episode (1×13) – “… A Better Place.”

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Betrayal Review 775x435 Betrayal Review Episode (1x13) ... A Better Place.

ABC’s Betrayal winds up its first season nice and neat, but leaves space for a second season despite highly unlikely chance of getting renewed.

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In an episode that seemed to move at the speed of light, Sara’s shooter turned out to be Vic, who wound up behind bars. After Jack never bothered to visit her in the hospital, Sara wound up returning (possibly) to her family, while Drew ran for Congress. In less than 30 minutes it appeared that all the Staffords’ dreams were going to come true. Thatcher was indicted for a myriad of crimes, and committed suicide as a way out. Jack finally landed a new job with the Immigration Dept., Val began college, and Elaine decided to move out of her home and start her new life somewhere else, as did her brother T.J. Before Thatcher died he confessed that he had an illegitimate daughter to T.J. in a letter, allowing T.J. and Elaine to discover their long-lost sister. Everything looked like it was headed towards a series finale, and then the final scenes showed Sara trying to reach out to Jack one last time. After finally making a decision on where she wanted her life to go, we see a beautiful Sara awaiting her choice in a swank restaurant, but who did she choose? If the show doesn’t get a second season, this is one thread we’ll all be left wondering about. (More…)


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