The Blacklist Review Episode (1×12) “The Alchemist”

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The Blacklist Review 775x435 The Blacklist Review Episode (1x12) The Alchemist

Liz May Lose Her Husband to One of Red’s Projects

Liz and Red may be growing closer, but she and Tom are growing further apart. This week on The Blacklist, the FBI hunts a man who “who protects the guilty by preying on the innocent,” while Red continued to hunt the mole. Meanwhile, Liz’ obsession with her work is putting her marriage in jeopardy just when a mystery women sets her sights on Tom. Will Liz end up finding the answers she’s been searching for only to discover there’s no one waiting for her at home? Let’s jump in and dissect Blacklister #101, “The Alchemist.”

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“He relies upon science to transform one person into another.” Red asked Liz to hunt down the Alchemist, Eric Trettel, because the killer had something Red wanted – a client list. Why Red wants the names on the Alchemist’s list is a new mystery we’ll have to solve, but this week Liz and Ressler went after a man who fakes the deaths of criminals so they can evade prosecution. This Blacklister was one of the most interesting we’ve seen so far, and left me wondering if how he changed people’s identities was actually possible. If so, it’s kind of scary. What else was terrifying was that Trettel was getting his victims from online dating sites, movie casting calls, and other sources where people may be too trusting and give up personal information too easily. As interesting as this guy was, it seems his main purpose was to set up another season long mystery involving Red’s master plan. (More…)


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