American Horror Story Review Episode (3×13) – “The Seven Wonders”

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AHS Coven

FX’s American Horror Story Finally Gets a New Supreme

After 13 episodes of murder, mayhem and magic, American Horror Story: Coven entertained viewers from beginning to end. The season 3 finale started off with a Stevie Nicks Music Video montage of all the girls preparing to perform “The Seven Wonders,” and ended with a surprisingly revelation. Not only did we learn who was the next Supreme (Booyah, bitches!), but the academy ended up entering into another golden age of admittance where young woman arrive in droves seeking to understand their birthright. In a season full of great episodes, the finale was the best of them all, and causes disappointment at the thought that the Coven won’t be returning for a second season.

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Every Little Thing She Does is Magic… The first half of the episode the girls had to perform the Seven Wonders to determine who was the next Supreme. Telekinesis, Mind Control, Descending into Hell, Transmutation, Levitation, Resurrection and Divination were on the menu after the girls toasted to their future success with champagne and caviar. I loved the suspense of having the girls perform tasks we’ve seen them do before like Transmutation and Telekinesis before the show started to dwindle down the candidates. Since Misty was a pro at Resurrection, I was shocked to see her be the first one to go. One by one they fell by the way side. First Misty, and then Zoe bit it during Transmutation when playing a deadly game of tag. When Queenie couldn’t resurrect Zoe, I was disappointed by the prospect that Madison would be the next Supreme. I’ve hated Madison all season long, and except for a few snarky quips, Madison held no interest for me. Thank god the writers heard my pleas for Cordelia to be Supreme. Just kidding!! (More…)


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