Arrow Episode (2×13) Review – “Heir to the Demon”

Posted February 12, 2014 by @Angelized_1st in Arrow, Entertainment, Television, TV Reviews / 0 Comments


Tensions Reached An All-New High This Week on the CW’s Arrow

Oliver’s desperate bid to get Sara Lance to return to Starling City to help her ailing sister may have been the Arrow’s worst move as far as Laurel’s concerned, but it turned out to work in his favor. Though Sara may have returned, she brought along some pretty heft baggage in the form of Nyssa al Ghul. Last season a curious Walter asked Felicity to look into Moira’s connection to Tempest which led to her dealings with Malcolm Merlyn, but the leads Felicity found this week were of a more personal nature this time around. “Heir to the Demon” dealt with many personal issues, but also brought some familiar faces. Aside from Alex Kingston (Dinah Lance), this episode gave guest star Nicholas Lea (The X-Files) more lines worth his pay as Moira’s campaign manager. (More…)


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