Being Human Episode (4×04) Review – “The Panic Womb”

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Being Human Gives Birth to Werewolf Baby And Another Possible Generation of Monsters

When we last saw the gang on Being Human, Nora was acting as Sally’s “Magician’s Assistant” and was rewarded with a burn free stomach. Meanwhile, Josh discovered that what ever Sally did to him changed him and made him even more volatile. Sally’s use of magic is what’s causing her to travel through time and landing her in the midst of a possible satanical murder mystery. As these three struggle with problems closer to home. Aidan reconnected with his son, Kenny, and may have landed a new position in the new Boston Vamp Mob. This week, Sally tried to investigate the death of “Lil’ Smokie” by pulling her old friend Zoe into her investigation, Aidan continued to hide his past with Suzana from Kenny despite her crazy vampire Vampire Hunter status, and Josh and Nora got a closer look at what might have been if Nora hadn’t miscarried. “The Panic Womb” went in a lot of exciting directions, but instead of getting many answers, fans only got more questions. So let’s discuss this week’s episode, “The Panic Womb.”

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“No offense, but Josh’s attention span is almost like a dog in a field of squirrels.” Ever since Sally performed the spell to return Josh to human form, Josh has been erratic, volatile, and has bizarre red glowing eyes with yellow centers. After Kenny put out a failed hit on Josh, we learned that Josh can also turn at will. Josh may be back in human form now, but he still has many of the habits he picked up over the summer. At first it seemed Josh was obsessively working out because he’s now without a job, but now it seems Josh may still be the wolf. Maybe Sally only changed Josh’s appearance and the wolf is still in control. Whatever is wrong with Josh may end up being a mystery that won’t be solved until the end of the season, but it became apparent this episode that whatever is happening to him scares other werewolves. In the past, Josh has always been a lone wolf with only Nora at his side. Could it be possible that Josh’s status may have been elevated to Alpha, or could he possibly be the progenitor of an entirely new species of wolf? (More…)


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