Being Human Episode (4×05) Review – “Pack It Up Pack It In”

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This Week Being Human Threw the Ultimate Last Minute Werewolf Baby Shower

For weeks the Being Human gang have been put through the wringer. Aidan and Nora spent the summer babysitting Josh’s wolf, while Sally got dragged into Purgatory. Since they’ve been back, life has been difficult, to say the least, but this week the guys got a chance to cut loose at a baby shower. Or so they thought. Josh and Nora’s shower got crashed by a werewolf pack and Josh’s alcoholic sister, Sally traveled to the 1920′s and met Aidan’s truly monstrous side, and Aidan got majorly dumped. At least there was booze!

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“This is the first time you’ve been dumped in 200 years.” When Aidan told Kat last week that he was a vampire, I expected her to act the same as she did the first time she found out, and she did. Kat acted exactly how someone would if they found out their boyfriend was a vampire. She freaked. What I didn’t expect, however, was for she and Aidan to break up. I assumed all she would need was a little time, and by the time the show jumped forward two weeks to the baby shower, Kat and Aidan would be trying to reconcile. You see, the first time, Kat wasn’t in love with Aidan like she is now, and it seemed to me that his confession would make all of his strange, erratic behavior make sense in a way that would have been easy for her to overlook the who blood drinking thing. Sadly, I was mistaken. Kat didn’t forgive Aidan, and he spent the remainder of the episode moping around. Then he found Kenny. Watching Aidan and Kenny spend time together was the best, and I totally loved how Aidan got wasted enough to dance around the middle of a werewolf party. It didn’t take away Aidan’s blues, and by the end of the episode he was back to skulking in the shadows and spying on Kat. I really like Kat, but maybe Aidan does need someone else. Someone that can have sex with him, sleep with him, and realize his heart doesn’t beat without being told. (More…)


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