Being Human Review Episode (4×03) – “Lil’ Smokie”

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SyFy’s Being Human Continues to Teach Us What it Means to Be Humans

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I thought this week’s episode of Being Human was called “Lil’ Smokie” because of Kenny’s new status of head of the Boston Vampire Squad, but we later learn it has to do with the girl ghost Sally keeps seeing around the homestead. This episode was all about misconceptions being set up and then shattered. Josh seemed fine since Sally’s witchy ju-ju (save for the red/yellow eyes), but it turns out he can now turn at will. Kenny seemed to have forgiven Aidan for “throwing a deformed baby in the trash,” but the hurt he feels runs deep. As does his deformity. Sally thought having possession of Donna’s spell book was a gift, but soon learns she has a higher purpose than ridding Nora of her stomach burns. Nothing with the game is ever what it seems. They are in essence monsters trying to be human, and though they are good people, they often have the tendency to do the wrong thing. Aidan’s decision to choose his friends over his “son” is coming back to haunt him. How soon will it be before the others’ decisions begin haunting them? (More…)


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