Black Sails Episode (1×03) Review – “III”

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Black Sails Review

Black Sails Shows The Dark Side of Pirate Life in “III”

Over the past two episodes we’ve seen Capt. Flint chase after a missing Capt. Log page containing the schedule of the Orca de Lima and its fabled treasure. While he and his men chased after the thief, Capt. Vane and his crew made port, and began to search for their next prize. Things came to a head last week when Vane and his men jumped into the game by making an alliance with Max and the elusive John Silver. Unfortunately for them, Flint got his hands on Silver, but not until Silver had already memorized the schedule and burnt it in a bid to make himself invaluable. This week, all the characters converged as the forged a tentative alliance to hunt the Orca and her treasure. Eleanor helped Flint keep her father hostage, while working as the guarantor for the new alliance. Meanwhile, John Silver may have saved himself, but he left a scared Max out in the cold. Now that Max is in Vane’s hands thanks to Anne Bonny, the balance of power may have shifted, but when all’s said and done, who’s the real winner?

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“It really isn’t as bad as it looks.” Last week we saw Flint arrive on the doorstep of a mystery woman, and while we did learn more about her (like her name), she still remains a mystery.  The mystery woman is Mrs. Barlow and she’s the reason Flint is so hot to trot to catch the Orca de Lima. Why this woman wants Flint to capture the Spanish Galleon is one of the many mysteries surrounding her, but it’s obvious these two are lovers. Mrs. Barlow is a beautiful, well-educated woman of property. She seems to enjoy Flint’s company, but the subservient way she goes to him when he beckons at the end of the episode implies there’s more to their story. While Mrs. Barlow seems fond of Flint, it appears she needs him more than loves him. At least for now. If anyone will ferret out the truth of their relationship, it’ll probably be Richard Guthrie, who Flint is holding hostage at Mrs. Barlow’s while he recovers from his gunshot wounds. Up until now, Richard hasn’t had much to do, but now that he and Mrs. Barlow have struck up a camaraderie, and he’s ignoring Eleanor’s pleas for help with the business, Richard may prove interesting in weeks to come. (More…)


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