Black Sails Episode (1×04) Review – “IV”

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Black Sails Review

Black Sails: Backstabbing, Fuck Tents and Boat Cleaning

This week’s episode of Black Sails unraveled the mystery of Mrs. Barlow just as Eleanor and Flint believed they’d found the extra guns and men they need to go after the Orca de Lima. While Rackham tried to hold what’s left of Vane’s crew together, Vane drowned his sorrow’s in drink and opium. With Vane out of commission, Max plied her trade in payment for the 500 pesos she cost Vane’s men, but suffered violence at the hands of one crewmen who felt Max’s offerings fell short of the debt owed. “IV” answered many questions and solved a few problems, but in the end fell short of the bar last week’s entry set for this new series. All aboard, Mates! Time to set sail as we discuss this week’s episode, “IV.”

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“If he finds out what you’ve done not I, not your father, not anyone will be able to protect you from the consequences.” Eleanor again tried to prove that she, too, wears Big Boy pants as she used her father Richard to acquire another captain’s guns for her and Flint’s plan to overtake the Spanish Galleon, the Orca de Lima. What Eleanor didn’t know is that her father had plans of his own. Eleanor pissed me off two week’s ago when she betrayed Max over a few pieces of fabled gold, and her hard-ass stance against her father did nothing to win my favor this week. It’s great to see a strong woman trying to navigate this world of men, but Eleanor’s willingness to stab anyone in the back, even her own kin, makes her more of a villain then the pirates around her. When it turned out by episode’s end that Mr. Scott had joined Team Richard and helped keep Eleanor from getting the guns she needed, my first thoughts were how Mr. Scott would end up regretting his choice. Now that I’ve thought about it, this betrayal is exactly what Eleanor needs. Maybe once she realizes that the person she trusts most in the world has stabbed her in the back, Eleanor may learn the errors of her ways and learn to take better care of how she treats those who love her. However, considering Vane’s new-found desire to seek retribution against Eleanor, Eleanor may learn a more costly lesson than truly needed. (More…)


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