The Blacklist Review Episode 1×12 – “The Cyprus Agency”

Posted February 3, 2014 by @Angelized_1st in Entertainment, Television, The Blacklist, TV Reviews / 0 Comments


The Blacklist’s Mole Hunt Comes to an End

Red puts Liz and the team on the trail of an adoption agency that doesn’t just find babies for people, but makes them on this week’s episode of The Blacklist. As the day nears for Liz and Tom’s new baby to arrive, Liz is forced to face the status of her marriage to Tom. Meanwhile, Red continues is hunt for the mole after he discovers that Mira wasn’t in fact the traitor. Episode 1×12, “The Cyprus Agency,” gave viewers more insight on the mystery that is Raymond “Red” Reddington by providing tidbits into Red’s past. Even though the Blacklisters in this episode must have gotten their idea from the 2002 Law & Order: SVU  episode, “Waste,” where a comatose woman was impregnated by her doctor, they managed to pull it off on a grander skill in which not just one woman, but a room full of women were kidnapped, drugged, and impregnated for profit. (More…)


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