Arrow Episode (2×16) Review – “The Suicide Squad”

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The Suicide Squad was a Major Hit, While Oliver and Sara’s Romantic Drama was a Definite Miss on This Week’s Arrow

This week’s episode of Arrow was filled with DC Comics nods, which made watching it even more fun than usual, but they weren’t what made this episode. That would be the fact that it was mostly Digglecentric. While Oliver putted around trying to figure out what to do about Slade, and pulling bonehead moves like dumping Sara, Diggle met up with some old “friends” and got to play Secret Agent Man. Even though Arrow is like an action-adventure story week in and week out, this week had more of a 007 feel than normal and it was great! So let’s sign up and talk about episode 216, “The Suicide Squad.”

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“I know how this organization works, and right now it works for me.” Things were looking a bit bad for Diggle last week after Slade’s henchman knocked him on his noggin’, but this week John was back in action. Actually, this week he was better than he’s been in a long time, because John got to kick a little butt instead of talking to Oliver through an earpiece back at the lair. As interesting as it was watching Diggle crash Gholem Qadir’s party with Lila on his arm as they attempted to thwart Qadir’s plan to buy Merlyn’s earthquake machine, the best part of this spy mission was the titular “Suicide Squad.” (More…)


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