Being Human Episode (4×07) Review – “Gallows Humor”

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This Week Being Human Tackles Some Important Topics, But Failed to Connect

All season long the Being Human crew has dealt with the fallout from the bad decisions they made last season. Sally dabbling in things she doesn’t understand is about to unmake the world (according to Donna), Aidan’s merry-go-round with his sobriety, and Josh’s denial of his wolf have all led them to where they are now. When we last saw them Sally’s kid brother Robbie died thanks to Lil’ Smokie, Aidan fell off the wagon in a big way mere moments after begging Suzana to be his new sponsor, and Nora discovered Josh’s infidelity. Things were looking bleak for our friends, and they didn’t get any sunnier this week. So let’s discuss episode 407, “Gallows Humor.”

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“The magic didn’t make you like it and it didn’t make you lie to me.” Josh and Nora are still struggling with Josh’s indiscretion, but unfortunately Robbie’s death forces them to put a hold on dealing with their marital issues. Josh and Nora have been through a lot recently, so it’s no surprise that they would hit a bump in the road. What is shocking is that good, loyal Josh would be unfaithful to anyone, but especially Nora. Ever since Aidan cut Josh out from his wolf following Sally’s spell, it was obvious that there would be consequences. Stunned by his actions, Josh believes this to be the case and thinks that if magic messed him up, then magic can fix him. By the end of the episode after Josh nearly forces himself on Nora it becomes crystal clear that his problems go beyond what the two of them can handle. Now that Nora has moved out, Josh should have all the time he needs to figure things out. The manner in which the writers handled this was beautifully done, and felt real. Josh suffers from the same disease as Aidan and Sally. They keep denying their the makers of their own problems, and this causes them to make matters worse. Now that Josh has lost the one thing that matters most to him in the world, it will be interesting to see what lengths he goes to to put things right. (More…)


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