Being Human Episode (4×11) Review – “Ramona and the Pest”

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Being Human’s Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora Discover a Fifth Roommate

The roommates dealt with an evil ghost, demented werewolves and a lovesick teen vampire as they struggled to make some major life choices this week on Being Human. After being imprisoned and tortured, Josh is having a hard time dealing with what happened, and Nora remains hellbent on leaving him. Aidan is still grappling with the knowledge that Sally is in love with him and the memory of the kiss they shared the night before. Thanks to Sally helping Aidan, the ghost got sent back to the house and discovered a piece of the “Lil’ Smokie” mystery. All four friends had a lot of emotional drama on their plates in episode 411, and the fallout from their previous decisions was the last thing they needed to deal with on top of everything else. There loss is our gain. As messed up as many of the things that happened to them were, viewers got the chance to laugh, cry and worry about the gang for one of the last times. Things appeared bleak this week, but throughout the episode there appeared to be a glimmer of hope that these people we’ve been rooting for four season will finally get the chance to live the lives they’ve always wanted. Now let’s dive in and discuss, “Ramona and the Pest.” (More…)


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