Black Sails Episode (1×05) Review – “V”

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Flint and Billy Take Time Some for Honesty in “V”

After last week’s practically boring episode, STARZ’s Black Sails decided to give viewers what they’ve been waiting for with an angry mob out for Eleanor’s blood, Vane deciding to go to war against Flint and Eleanor, and a bloody sea battle. Not only that, but we finally learn a bit about Anne Bonny’s life and Mr. Scott’s fate. “V” finally lived up to the freshman series’ potential. With less exposition, the series is now rising towards this season’s climax, which will hopefully lead to either the capture of the Orca or Vane’s revenge against Eleanor Guthrie. So jump aboard as we discuss this week’s swashbuckling episode, “V.”

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“Our problem isn’t there. It never was.” Now that Vane has taken out Noonan, Rackham decided taking over Noonan’s brothel was the next step towards repairing their current financial problems. This story has yet to grow wings, but it did allow Vane, Rackham, and Anne a place to regroup and plan their next steps. For Rackham, it was trying to put food in their stomachs, and enough money in their pockets so they can get another ship. For Vane, their new endeavor gave him an opportunity to decide his next course of action, which seems to be some sort of revenge. Initially it appeared Vane wanted revenge against Eleanor, but by the end of the episode it seemed like Vane had discovered a new course of action or a different target. Now that he’s hopped aboard a skiff and set out to sea, we’ll have to wait another week to find out the extent of Vane’s plans. All season long, Anne Bonny has skulked around corners and sneered as people walked by. This week, we discovered she was raped by one of the crew and was also the one who threw Max to the men. The fact the men have used Max for their own pleasure instead of killing her is what’s made Anne feel guilty. She never wanted anyone to suffer what she’s suffered. Just wanted to take Max out of the equation.


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