Black Sails Episode (1×07) Review – “VII”

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“One of Us” in this episode of Black Sails

Leading into the season finale, this week’s episode of Black Sails tied up some loose ends, and prepares viewers for a major showdown in next week’s season finale. Last week, Charles Vane rowed ashore to a mysterious island to visit a man who supposedly holds the key to Eleanor’s downfall. Jack Rackham found his life in danger after it was discovered that Anne and Eleanor, along with John Silver, were in cahoots to kill Mr. Hamund for brutalizing Max. Not only that, but it turns out the crew’s pearls weren’t so lost after all. Anne had stolen them from her beau Rackham so they had enough money to stay afloat. Meanwhile, Flint and his men managed to get control of the Andromache after Mr. Scott led a slave rebellion below decks, and Billy Bones went to a watery grave at the hands of Flint after he discovered a letter Mrs. Barlow sent Capt. Bryson. This week’s episode was an exciting hour of television, so let’s jump aboard and discuss “VII.”

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“I’m terribly sorry if I’ve ruined your morning.” This week we got more of Rackham and Anne’s tumultuous relationship when an irritated Anne left Jack tied to the bed after he failed to “perform” his morning duties. To Jack’s credit, he was just betrayed by his lady love and marched off to the rocks at sword point a few hours before, so it’s not too surprising that he’d have performance anxiety. What made this scene so interesting was that for most of the season Jack seemed to be in control of their twosome, but this scene solidified that it’s Anne who truly runs things in their household. Whatever magic she worked on the poor soul has kept him at his mercy, and she’s not alone. Jack spent the majority of the episode getting metaphorically kicked in the teeth by the women in his life. If it wasn’t Anne telling him off and leaving him tied naked to their bed, it was the whores stealing him blind so that the brothel couldn’t turn a profit, or Max cursing him out for being too softhearted where the prostitutes are concerned. Jack Rackham has had it rough these past few episodes, but now that Vane is on his way back to New Providence, maybe Jack will get his bullocks back and stand up for himself. (More…)


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