Black Sails Episode (1×08) Review – “VIII”

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Black Sails Goes Out With a Bang, But Still Manages To Leave Its Audience Holding Their Hats

I think everyone can agree that Starz’ newest series, Black Sails, was a great idea but wasn’t always executed properly. Blame Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean if you will, but most people expect pirate action-adventure stories to be… well… full of pirates doing pirate like things. Instead, Black Sails interspersed many fantastic pirate scenes with political intrigues and murder, which is all well and good, but can at times be boring. Overall, a second season of this new drama is an exciting prospect, but one can’t help be disappointed that there wasn’t more action in season 1. However slow many of the episodes this season were, the finale went out with a bang as expected, and viewers got a major look at naval warfare in some of the most thrilling scenes of the season.

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“To a profitable venture and a partner slightly more pleasing to the eye.” Rackham’s venture to take over the brothel paid off this week as he allowed Max to give the place a French theme. This new partnership is intriguing for several reasons. For one, Max wound up as the new Madam of the brothel and now has a more prominent position in New Providence. For another, her burgeoning relationship with Rackham has caused more problems for him and Anne Bonny. What’s unclear at this time is whether Anne is upset because she feels threatened that Max may actually take Jack from her, or because she wants Max for herself. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until next season to find out which it is. (More…)


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