The Walking Dead Episode (4×15) Review – “Us

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The Walking Dead episode 4x10 4

In This Weeks The Walking Dead It Ends Or A New Chapter Begins – Welcome to Terminus

Ever since the prison massacre our survivors of The Walking Dead have searched for one another as they head towards Terminus, a town where “For all that arrive, survive.” This week in episode 415, they’ve finally made it. Glenn and Tara separated from Eugene’s crew, but by the end of the episode they had not only reunited with them, but Maggie, Sasha and Bob as well. Daryl is still with Joe & his Merry Band of Thugs, while Rick, Carl and Michonne are only a few miles ahead of the men they tried to kill a few episodes back. As for Beth? No one’s seen hide nor hair of her since she ditched Daryl and took off in their car. What we do know is that it shouldn’t be long before everyone comes face-to-face, and before we learn whether Terminus is the sanctuary that was promised. Having watched this series for the past four seasons, it’s highly unlikely that anyone believes our friends have truly found a safe haven. So without further ado, let’s get started! (More…)


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