Arrow Episode (2×18) Review – “Deathstroke”

Posted April 16, 2014 by @Angelized_1st in Arrow, Entertainment, Television, TV Reviews / 0 Comments


Yes Another Character Learns Oliver’s Secret in This Week’s Arrow

This week’s Arrow revealed shocking revelations to two characters who had previously been out of the loop, Oliver discovered that sometimes his mother’s advice should be heeded, and a member of Team Arrow left Starling City in the wake of Thea’s kidnapping and release. Oliver Queen has dealt with a lot ever since he took that fateful voyage with his father and Sara, but he’s never faced anything like what Slade Wilson has planned for him. “Deathstroke” didn’t just give birth to a villain, but planted seeds for the destruction of our hero. Can Oliver get it together in time to thwart Slade, or will Slade finally manage to get his revenge? Only time will tell, but it’s obvious we’re in for one hell of a ride! So let’s start talking about the episode, shall we? (More…)


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