Game of Thrones Episode (4×02) Review – “The Lion and the Rose”

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The Dwarf, the Cripple, and the Mother of Madness in this episode review on Game of Thrones

Last night the moment we’ve all been waiting for happened: King Joffrey Baratheon, the First of His Name finally got his just desserts. Game of Thrones usually has a tendency to put characters in peril and then slaughter them in the penultimate episode with a few lesser characters biting it around the halfway point. Last night the tables turned as the entire episode seemed like an advanced screening of the next film in The Hunger Games trilogy. From Ramsey Bolton Snow chasing an unarmed girl through the woods with a pack of wild dogs and a crossbow, Melisandre sacrificing folks to The Lord of Light on Dragonstone, and Joffrey getting poisoned at his own wedding, no one seemed safe. Not only that, but the episode was rife with verbal backhands and side-eye. It was everything a viewer could want and more. Now that one of the most loved to be hated characters has choked on his pigeon pie, the die has been cast, and the gauntlet has been thrown as a warning to viewers that George R. R. Martin & Co. are coming for us. Which one of your faves do you fear will be next on the chopping block? Considering most of mine were at the “Purple Wedding,” it seems time to crack a cask of Arbor Gold, grab a case of Kleenex, and grab my rosary beads, cause folks, this is going to be one hell of a scary ass season! So time to string up our harps and begin singing the “Rains of Castamere” in honor of Sigur Ros who didn’t get to finish their rendition at the wedding, and discuss episode 402, “The Lion and the Rose.” (More…)


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