Game of Thrones Episode (4×04) Review – “OathKeeper”

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When the last 30 secs of Game of Thrones make you say, “Oh Shit!”

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones was a treat, not just for television fans, but book fans as well. Not only did the mystery of Who Killed Joffrey get solved, but we finally learned the two majorly burning questions of what happened to Ghost and what in the hell the White Walkers do with Craster’s sons. By the end of the episode it looks as if most of the surviving Stark children may somehow reunite with at least one long lost sibling, while Brienne and Pod embark on a search for Sansa and Arya. Jon is about to lead an expedition to suppress the Night’s Watch Rebellion, and Daenerys has crossed a huge moral line. What’s going to happen next? I have no clue thanks to the spoilers dropped in the episode, but I’m willing to roll with it. Guess that’s what happens when a show burns through the source material faster than it’s written. We are living in exciting times, folks! Now that we’re all caught up, let’s dive in and tackle episode 404, “Oathkeeper.”

No one can give you your freedom, brothers. If you want it, you must take it.”…Daenerys finally seized control of Mereen, but in doing so crossed a huge moral line. Still steaming from the children crucified among the road as a warning to stay away, Daenerys decided to return the favor by nailing up the slavers in the same manner she found the children as a lesson to them, and all others who would do the same. Were you as shocked as I was when Dany executed the slavers? Ser Barristan was right, sometimes mercy is better to serve up. Dany has always been a champion of the underdog, and no matter what horrors she’s seen in the past, the “Breaker of Chains” has always been merciful, even to her enemies. Until now. Dany believes her actions just, but so did Joffrey Baratheon when he beheaded Ned Stark, and Dany’s grandfather Aerys when he cooked Ned’s father and brother alive in their armor. Slippery is the slope of a ruler becoming a tyrant, and if Dany isn’t lucky, she could wake up one day with people shouting for her to be removed from power. (Cont…)


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