Da Vinci’s Demons Episode (2×09) Review – “The Enemies of Man”

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Da Vinci's Demons Season 2 - Field Margam

Leonardo Discovers an Enemy Hidden in His Midst

After spending eight episodes traipsing around with the Inca, Leonardo and the gang head back to Florence on this week’s Da Vinci’s Demons. Lucrezia’s time with the Turkish witch leads her to reveal there are two Popes, one of which seeks to bring a holy war. Lorenzo and the boys arrive to discover Duke Frederico has sacked Florence and taken hostages. Meanwhile, Lorenzo is caught in Alfonso and the Evil Pope’s grasp after Lo took a huge gamble and lost. Episode 209 brought most of the characters’ stories together while the series hurtles towards the end of the season. “The Enemies of Men” was gripping, exciting, and full of surprises.

“There are two popes. One is hidden. He’s her father. There is no peace. He only seeks war.”

Lucrezia spends her time in Istanbul being tortured and questioned by the Sultan’s witch, and ends up revealing the truth about the papacy. Not only are there two Pope’s, one of which is her father, but one of them wants to start a war. This story with Lucrezia and her father is beginning to bare fruit, but how is still unknown. In a surprising twist, Bayezid returns back to the palace after being held prisoner by the Evil Pope. This seems to be according to Lucrezia’s plan and hopefully we’ll discover just what that is in next week’s season finale. (Cont…)


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