Game of Thrones Episode (4×07) Review – “Mockingbird”

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“Gold and Gratitude”

Game of Thrones has proven time and time again that it can shock us. Yet, even though we should know better, we seem to fall for it every time. Episode 407 was full of such moments. Whether it was Oberyn Martell offering to be Tyrion’s champion, or Lysa Arryn taking flight through the Moon Door, “Mockingbird” offered tons of surprises while still managing to make us feel like it was the calm before the scary, heart-breaking, traumatizing storm. Sure, we probably were surprised that Arya stabbed Rorge, or that Dany has been dying to see Daario nude, but who wasn’t floored that the Night’s Watch continues to ignore everything Jon Snow has to say despite the ton of sense he makes? Maybe I give those dudes too much credit, but c’mon! Really? Despite the surprises the episode offered up, “Mockingbird” was a quieter episode than most of the others this season, but quieter isn’t synonymous with boring. Lots happened that will most likely reverberate through the remaining episodes and beyond. So let’s discuss the episode!

“Nothing isn’t better or worse than anything. Nothing is just nothing.

Arya Stark has experience a lot for a girl her age. So much, in fact, that you can almost call her a woman. Almost. Even though the Hound spends a lot of his time pretending not to teach her things, Arya is learning. After her old friend Rorge popped up along the road, Arya got the chance to cross the one name that would have been on her list if she’d known it. Funny how a guy can be so busy threatening to stick a sword up a girl’s bum, that he never takes the time to introduce himself. What’s funnier? Arya was the one poking folks with swords. Not the other way around. This scene seemed important to me, because it appeared Arya was trying to do the teaching this time around. Sure, the Hound revealed the true story behind his burnt face, but Arya tried to teach the Hound about the importance of circumstance in the struggle between life and death. What also seemed important was that the Hound appears to have grown more attached to Arya, while Arya acts like she’s ready to cut ties with the outlaw. Could Arya end up striking out on her own? What’s obvious is there’s a price on both of their heads, and staying together may not longer be the best option for either of them. (Cont…)


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