Top 5 Must-Have Items From 2014

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The holiday season is essentially over. However, if you accidentally left a special someone off your gift giving list, or still haven’t decided what to buy that certain someone in your life that is absolutely difficult to buy for, here are some suggestions. From personal items to kitchen ware, each of these items are bound to be loved by whomever you purchase them for. Without further ado, here are my Top 5 Must-Have Items of 2014!

03899314_zi_black#1 Michael Kors Fulton Handbag ($398)

An item I’ve recently added to my handbag collection, the Michael Kors Fulton bag is fantastic! Like his other bags, this handbag has many pockets on the inside to help keep you organized. It also has to large pockets on the front and back where you can store anything from your keys to your iPad. It’s classic, and comes in several different colors. Including the faux python print seen to the left. This particular bag is stylish enough to take you from day to evening. If you can find it in stock, grab it, as it doesn’t stay on the shelves long.


140307120507-keurig-2-0-machine-story-top#2 Keurig 2.0 Brewer ($149.99-$199.99)

Keurig’s new 2.o Brewer comes in three different sizes and styles that will fit any coffee or tea lover’s needs. All three have an illuminated water reservoir, touch display, strength control, and programmable features. Plus, thee 2.0 Brewer allows you to make a cup or a carafe of your favorite hot, tasty drink. You even get a starter carafe to help get you up and running. The difference in price point is due to water reservoir size, and touch display options. If you, like me, are a major coffee drinker, and worry about the price of the K-Cup or Carafe cups, never fear! There are reusable cups you can buy that allow you to use your favorite ground coffee or loose leaf tea in your brewer for as little as $12. Plus, there are really cool storage options for your different K-Cups that will turn you into a great host when company arrives.

plutus09#3 iPhone 6 Plus ($299-$499 w/ 2 yr. contract)

Apple joined the large phone brigade when it release it’s competitor for Samsung’s Galaxy phone, the iPhone 6 Plus this fall. Honestly, the phone is ridiculously large, but the pros make it a Must-Have item. A resolution that’s almost as sharp as an iPad, the iPhone 6 Plus is great to use when gaming wan watching media content. The A8 chip and M8 motion coprocessor allows users to use their phone as a handheld computer. Which is great since it comes with iWork. The camera is on par with Apple’s latest iPad Air, it’s thin, light, and fits nicely in your hand. Con: it’s hard to fit in your back pocket safely, and talking on it is awkward. At best.

ss_troy_etched_words_ko#4 Starbucks’ Siren’s Poem Tumbler ($16.99)

It’s a coffee tumbler. It’s cute. It was even more expensive that the crazy price above. Still… it’s worth it. Why, you may ask? Unlike many coffee-to-go mugs/tumblers, this one will keep your coffee warm for hours. For example, I’ve filled mine at 6:30 am, and still had the pleasure of sipping on hot coffee until about noon. Even then, it was still warm. That’s a damn long time! This item is great for the person who job keeps them the move, whether in a an office or a car. The lid keeps the coffee in the tumbler, instead of on you, and it fits nicely in the cup holder of your car. Not to mention, the stainless outside is classically designed. Besides, if you get bored waiting for your next appointment, there’s a nifty poem etched into it.

jbl-flip-colors#5 JBL Flip 2 ($99.95)

JBL’s Flip 2 may seem to be a poor man’s Beats Pill, but once you listen to it you man have a change of heart. The portable speaker comes in five colors (black, white, red, blue, and yellow). It also comes with a travel case, and charger. The bluetooth speaker is also a microphone, and can be used to answer phone calls as well as to play your favorite music. Not only that, but it can also be used with laptops and televisions, as well as phones and tablets. The sound quality is crystal clear, and when I synced it to my iPad while watching Netflix in my kitchen while cooking, I can attest the sound made me feel as if I was in the middle of the action. Not to say it’s the best portable speaker on the market, but as someone who also owns Beats headphones, I will say this is worth getting over the pill. Plus, you save $100.

So there you have it! My Top 5 Must-Have Items for 2014. Would any of these have made your list? If not, what would your Top 5 be? Let me know, and in the meantime, have a Happy New Year!


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