Top Ten Tuesday: My Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is to reveal My Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors. This list is ever-changing based on what I’m reading, what I remember reading, and how I feel when you ask me. The list of authors below are my favorites today. Tomorrow? Who knows? Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting this weekly meme. And without further ago, here we go!

JK-Rowling-SUM_234_3140427a1.) J.K. Rowling

The reason I love J.K. Rowling, is because she managed to get the adult me hooked on Harry Potter, and the world in which he lived. I didn’t read the first novel until I was out of college, and had already seen the fist four films. I loved the films so much, that I decided to read the series. From the moment I read the first page of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I was hooked. Now that the series has ended, I have read the series again multiple times, and it still holds a place in my heart.

george-rr-martin2.) George R. R. Martin

I had honestly never heard of George R. R. Martin until HBO picked up his A Song of Ice and Fire and adapted it to television with their original series, Game of Thrones. I was out of work at the time, so I had only managed to watch the first episode via a “free HBO weekend.” The first episode’s last five minutes hooked me so much with the introduction of the White Walkers, and Bran’s “accident” that I had to buy the book to find out what happened next. I devoured it. After I finished it, I threw it across the room and jumped on it repeatedly in grief. It was then that I knew this series was for me. Out of all the book series I recommend, ASOIAF is the series I recommend the most.

stephen-king3.) Stephen King

Since I was a peculiar child who grew up on V.C. Andrews, The Thorn Birds, and the horror novels of Stephen King, I couldn’t make a favorite authors list without him. Stephen King novels are terrifying, and I’m sad to say the various film and television adaptations never do his work justice. It left me stuttering for weeks, Salem’s Lot forced me to sleep with the lights on, and Misery killed any desire I may have ever had about being famous. LOL!

dianagabaldon4.) Diana Gabaldon

I discovered Diana Gabaldon years ago, but never picked up her Outlander series until two years ago after badgering from friends. This was wonderful because Outlander is such a wonderfully descriptive series that pulls the reader into the world of Jamie and Claire Fraser. It has made me more interested in Scottish history, something I’ve had little knowledge of previously. Plus, it meant I only had to wait a year to read the last novels, unlike other fans. Now that the series has been adapted for cable, I get to relive everything all over again.

5.) Jane Austen

Honestly, I’ve only read two of Jane Austen’s novels, Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility, but I’ve watched adaptations of her other works. Austen found herself on my list due to the strong, independent, funny, and fierce heroines she writes. The romances in her novels are timeless, as are the problems the women struggle with.

CassandraClare_glamour_28may14_Kelly_Campbell_b6.) Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare made my list because I love the Shadowhunter universe so much. I initially wrote off The Mortal Instruments as the usual Young Adult fluff, but with the addition of three more novels to the series, an Infernal Devices spin-off, and others she’s currently working on, I no longer think that way. This universe has grown so detailed, and the continuity between characters and time periods make it feel real. What began as an HP fan fiction has grown far beyond that into something unique of its own.

Jennifer L. Armentrout7.) Jennifer L. Armentrout

JLA is another author great at world building. I discovered her last summer when I accidentally got tagged in a Facebook post about the conclusion of her LUX series. Curious why all my friends seemed to be foaming at the mouth with anticipation made me devour the series in a week (or so), and fall in love as much as they had been. I still pick up her books. They’re descriptive, exciting, and filled with complex characters. Armentrout somehow makes even the most basic scene move the plot forward, or at least make the reader feel like the story is progressing. With her novels you never have a dull moment.

james_patterson_s28.) James Patterson

I got hooked on James Patterson in high school and college with his Alex Cross novels. What got me was how perfectly a white male author captured African-American men and community. Even characters who were down their luck were written like real people, and not someone’s stereotypical image of someone living in the ghetto. His hero, Alex Cross, was a professional black man who was a single father to his children, and was raising them right. He was someone I recognized. Not to mention, the thrillers were on point, and kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.

9.) John Grisham

Another author I got hooked on in high school and college was John Grisham and The Firm. Per usual the book was better than the film, so if the Tom Cruise film turned you off Grisham, than you should give him a chance. Danger, crime, thrills, chills, and the law. Grisham writes characters who strive to do the right thing, but are often put in situations where the right thing isn’t always clear.

Rice110.) Anne Rice

Back in the day before Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and other novels in this genre, there was Anne Rice. Her vampires weren’t sparkly, they were dangerous killers who would feast on anyone. Babies, women, children… good citizens… criminals… it didn’t matter. They lived like vampires, hung out with vampires, and loved like vampires. Cautiously, violently, and eternally. Even though they didn’t have sex conventionally, didn’t mean they weren’t also sexy.

Well, that’s all folks! Did any of my favorites top your list? Feel free to let me know in the comments below! Until next time…. Happy reading!


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