Book Review: Seal of Honor (A HORNET Novel) by Tonya Burrows

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Book Review: Seal of Honor (A HORNET Novel) by  Tonya BurrowsSEAL of Honor by Tonya Burrows
Series: HORNET,
Published by Macmillan on May 28th 2013
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
Pages: 352
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
ISBN: 9781620612590
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It's a good thing Gabe Bristow lives and breathes the Navy SEAL credo, "the only easy day was yesterday," because today, his life is unrecognizable. When his prestigious career comes to a crashing halt, he's left with a bum leg and few prospects for employment that don't include a desk.

That is, until he's offered the chance to command a private hostage rescue team and free a wealthy American businessman from Colombian paramilitary rebels. It seems like a good deal—until he meets his new team: a drunk Cajun linguist, a boy-genius CIA threat analyst, an FBI negotiator with mob ties, a cowboy medic, and an EOD expert as volatile as the bombs he defuses. Oh, and who could forget the sexy, frustratingly impulsive Audrey Van Amee? She's determined to help rescue her brother—or drive Gabe crazy. Whichever comes first.

As the death toll rises, Gabe's team of delinquents must figure out how to work together long enough to save the day. Or, at least, not get themselves killed. Because Gabe's finally found something worth living for, and God help him if he can't bring her brother back alive.

“I was born and raised in the South, honey, but I’m no Southern Belle. I shoot what I aim at.”

After reading Tonya Burrows’ Running Wilde, I decided to check out her other series, HORNET. This hostage rescue group  mentioned in Running Wilde, and I wanted to know more about them. Not to mention that I learned the two series often crossed-over, and that it would be good to read them both according to the author’s suggestion. I’m glad I did.

The first novel in the HORNET series, Seal of Honor, introduces ex-Navy SEAL Gabe Bristow. He’s a tough guy who suffered a career ending injury, and now must find a new path. Enter the HORNET. This team consists of other military, CIA, and FBI men who have lost their careers for some reason or another, and now work as mercenaries. But instead of going to the highest bidder, the men are employed by a wealthy American businessman who seemingly has good intentions. Like Burrows’ Wilde Security series, each HORNET novel will feature a different team member and their new lady-love. For Gabe, this was Audrey Van Amee, a woman whose brother is taken hostage by Colombian paramilitary rebels.

Even though this is another case of insta-love, I didn’t mind it one bit. Both Gabe and Audrey were likable characters, and seemed perfect for each other right off the bat. Game grew up in a domineering household to a career military father, and cold mother. Though he had close ties to his younger brother, his SEAL team was the family he always wanted. Audrey, on the other hand, had a wonderful childhood with caring parents. Now deceased, the only person Audrey has left is her brother Bryson.

I really enjoyed this book, because it was action-packed. Burrows takes readers on a suspenseful ride, as Gabe and his men try to rescue Bryson and stop the terrorists. Each of the men of HORNET were intriguing enough to keep me invested in reading this series. There’s the Cajun ladies man, a genius CIA analyst, an ex-FBI negotiator, medic, and crazy explosives expert. Not to mention Gabe’s best friend who’s currently operating a few cards short of a full deck. Throw in hot, artsy Audrey, and Gabe has his hands full.

I recommend this book to readers of romance who love a great, suspenseful story, or anyone looking for some action. Though vista-love abounds, Gabe and Audrey are so endearing that you can’t help but root for them. Not to mention, all of the men of HORNET are smokin’ hot. Yes, there are descriptive sex scenes, but they fit the story, and aren’t gratuitous. However, though descriptive, the book isn’t some erotic romp through the jungle. Burrows writes complex characters, and her world building is fantastic. I can almost take the empanadas, and feel the warm tropical breeze. Overall, I give Seal of Honor two thumbs up!

About Tonya Burrows

Tonya Burrows wrote her first romance in 8th grade and hasn’t put down her pen since. Originally from a small town in Western New York, she suffers from a bad case of wanderlust and usually ends up moving someplace new every few years. Luckily, her two dogs and ginormous cat are excellent travel buddies.

When she’s not writing about hunky military heroes, Tonya can usually be found at a bookstore or the dog park. She also enjoys painting, watching movies, and her daily barre workouts. A geek at heart, she pledges her TV fandom to Supernatural and Dr. Who.


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