Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is “Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015.” Most of these authors have been a round for a while, and so have the books that put me on to them. However, thanks to my one-click addiction it’s taken me ages to finally read their work. A few are authors I know of due to participating in blog tours, while others have been recommended to me by people I trust. Whatever the reason that got me to read these authors, I’m glad that I did. Instead of showing photos of the authors themselves, I’ve decided to show the books that turned me on the their works, and explain why I’m now a fan of their writing. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. So without further ado, here is my “Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015.”

Throne of Glass1.) Sarah J. Maas

I’ve heard about her books for a while, and they’ve all been on my TBR List for forever, but 2015 was the year I finally picked up a copy of one of her books. Now, I’m completely hooked! The book that did the deed was none other than her popular Throne of Glass. Now, not only have I read the entire series, but I also picked up a copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses when I was up north visiting family over Thanksgiving break.

legend-cover2.) Marie Lu

Like SJM, Marie Lu was an author I’d heard nothing but praise about. Yet, it wasn’t until I met her earlier this year at Romantic Times Con, that I decided to pick up a copy of Legend. The book had been on my TBR List for ages, and that seemed like the proper moment to get it. Plus, she signed it 😉 Now that I’ve read that series, I can’t wait to read The Young Elites. 

Half_Bad.PNG3.) Sally Green

I honestly can’t remember how I first heard about Sally Green. But I think I spotted the cover of Half Bad at the local Barnes & Noble, and the cover caught my attention. You know how I’m a sucker for a good cover. Anyhow, after reading the synopsis on the back, I had to have it. A story about a young witch being kept in a cage like an animal, battles between White and Black witches, and I was hooked!

Red Rising4.) Pierce Brown

I’ve been wanting to read Brown’s Red Rising since it first was released, but I kept putting it off. I don’t think I realized how much fantasy and science fiction I actually read, and thought I wouldn’t be interested in a story taking place on Mars. LOL! If this year has taught me anything, it’s that I basically read fantasy 95% of the time. Thank you, Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge! Now that I’ve read this series, I’m hooked on Brown’s writing, and can’t wait for the third installment. Too bad it’s the last one 🙁

The Martian5.) Andy Weir

Speaking of Mars… Andy Weir’s The Martian was another book that I thought sounded really good, but was afraid I wouldn’t like. I can’t believe how long it took me to buy it considering I picked it up overtime I went to the book store. If it hadn’t been adapted into a film, I would probably still be looking at it today. However, it was adapted, and I did read it and loved it. Weir’s humor throughout the book made the science palatable, and interesting instead of boring. Which is important when the main character spends the majority of the book in isolation. If you don’t believe me, watch I am Legend. 

HardAsItGetsbyLauraKaye6.) Laura Kaye

I first discovered romance author Laura Kaye after reading a review on Caffeinated Book Reviewer. The books sounded pretty hot, and action packed. And boy was it ever! Kaye’s Hard Ink series is about a group of ex-Special Forces dudes who get caught up trying to solve the kidnapping of their former commander’s son. While the romance was off the chains, the overall story, thanks to Kaye’s writing, was what kept me reading book after book in the series.

ALEX-by-Sawyer-Bennett7.) Sawyer Bennett

The next romance writer on my list, Sawyer Bennett, was recommended to me by Goodreads after I read Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink series. Like Kaye, Bennett’s Cold Fury Hockey series features one guy of the crew, and his new love interest. These men are tough as nails, but also have a tender side. Besides, who knew hockey could be so hot? I can’t get enough of these books, and can’t wait for the next one to be released.

TheLastKingdombyBernardCornwell8.) Bernard Cornwell

Years ago I saw the cover of Cornwell’s 1356 in the bookstore, and was drawn to the cover. Like many other books and authors on this list, I always planned to get it, but never did. When I bought a copy of The Last Kingdom later that year, I never made the connection that it was written by the same author, and didn’t bother to read it until this year. I’m glad I did. Cornwall’s writing is masterful. He pulls you back into the past, and makes history sound so cool. Even if you aren’t a fan of historical fiction, you can’t help but be captivated by his stories. Now that I’ve finally discovered him, I can’t wait to read more of his work.

IllGiveYoutheSunbyJandyNelson9.) Jandy Nelson

Nelson’s I’ll Give You the Sun was getting a lot of praise, but it wasn’t until it became Bookish Lifestyle’s 2015 TBR Pile Reading Challenge Read-a-Long, that I decided to check it out, and see what all the fuss was about. I loved it so much, that to this day I still think about it. From Nelson’s different take on dual POV, to the mystery involving the estrangement of twins, everything about this book was great. I keep planning to read more of her work, but I’m scared it won’t make me feel what I’ll Give You the Sun did.

Scorpio-paperback-website10.) Maggie Stiefvater

Friends have been recommending Stiefvater’s books to me for years, and I kept putting off reading them. I guess 2015 was the year I finally bit the bullet, because I’ve been trying to read almost every books she’s written. I’ll confess that I have a love/hate relationship with her books. I love everything about them until then endings, but Stiefvater still manages to keep me coming back. Now, if only I can manage to finish her Raven Kings series…

These were my favorite authors to read in 2015. Nelson and Weir are the only two that I’ve only read one book of, but I still consider them to be in my top 10. There were some others that came close. Honorable mentions to Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles), and Sherry D. Ficklin (Stolen Empire). Their books also really hooked me this year. Who were your favorite authors of 2015?


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