Top 5 Characters I’d Have on My Apocalypse Survival Crew

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It’s the start of a New Year and we all know what that means, it’s time to jot down those New Year’s resolutions, and what is the one resolution almost everyone hopes to achieve by the end of the year? Yep, to get healthy and get in shape. Tris had Four to help her gain her combat abilities; Katniss’ survival instincts helped her to protect Peeta, Gale and Prim – well sort of; and Cinder trained with Wolf to help her take back what was rightfully hers.

Seeing how we are all in a dystopian state of mind, we want to know what 5 characters you would want by your side to help train you for the apocalypse?

If I could pick five characters to have by my side to help train me for the apocalypse, I would want characters will superb fighting and survival skills. I also would want people I could talk to during the terrifying events, and who would do (almost) anything to survive. People I could go into war with, and can count on to have my back. I tried to pick characters from dystopian fantasy, but I managed to veer off course a bit.

Katniss Everdeen

Catching_Fire_Katniss_Everdeen_BlogI would choose Katniss Everdeen as a member of my Apocalypse Squad, because she has a lot of useful skills. Not only is Katniss good with a bow and arrow, but she’s had to fight for her life numerous times. She’s also survived in the wilderness, and would know how to hunt and gather. Something I’m not proficient with. Besides being able to hunt, she knows how to get water from trees, and build safe places to sleep. This would be important when the world has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Celaena Sardothien

CelaenaAnother great person to join my crew would be Celaena Sardothien. As a trained assassin, she could keep poachers from stealing out survival goods, and knows how to be stealthy. This would be important in any apocalyptic situation. Like Katniss, Celaena is a survivor who knows how to get by with little, and make great use of the little she has. When times are tough, it’s important to know who to stretch resources.

RoseRose Hathaway

Not only is Rose a great fighter, but she has a wicked sense of humor. Kicking’ butt and bringing some levity to our sad situation will help elevate some of our depression from our circumstances. Plus, Rose can kill supernatural beings, which will be helpful in the case of a zombie apocalypse.

Rick Grimes

Rick was a sheriff, so he’s a good shot. Not only that, but he’s a good leader that can rally the troops and lead us to safety. At least for the time being. Rick has a tendency to go off his rocker from time to time, but in the end he always come back to his senses. Usually. Like Rose, Rick has experience with killing supernatural creatures. As a man of the law he also has dealt with criminals, and can help us look out for threats along the road.

SevroSevro au Barca

Sevro was a great help to Darrow in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising, and I think he’ll be a great addition to our rag-tag group of survivors. He knows how to hide from predators, track his prey, and a dirty fighter. There’s little he’ll do for those he considers friends, and he’s willing to do what ever it takes to come out on top. Even if it means living among wolves.


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6 responses to “Top 5 Characters I’d Have on My Apocalypse Survival Crew

  1. Why didn’t I think of Celaena!? She’d be a kick ass trainer! I didn’t pick Katniss as my trainer for archery, I don’t think I could handle her emotions hahah

    I posted my own trainers as well, but I can’t select it on the drop down lol xD
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    • @Angelized_1st

      You’re right! Katniss’ moods almost made me not pick her, but she is a kick-ass archer. No worries! I’ll head over to your blog to check your list out 🙂

    • @Angelized_1st

      Yeah, you’ve got to have someone handy with a bow and arrow for any big game hunting, or long distance shooting. Though, a good gun would work, too… 🙂

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