Book Review: Sunblind by Michael McBride

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Book Review: Sunblind by Michael McBrideSunblind by Michael McBride
Published by DarkFuse on August 5th 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal
Pages: 384
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
ISBN: 9781940544335
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When U.S. Border Patrol Agent Christian Rivera discovers the body of an undocumented alien in the middle of the vast Sonoran Desert with three enigmatic words carved into her flesh, presumably by her own hand, it triggers a frantic search for the remainder of her party, a group of twenty-five men and women who have inexplicably vanished into the desert.

Aided by two of the agency's best trackers, Rivera follows the woman's trail into the brutal heart of one of the hottest and most unforgiving landscapes on the planet, where nothing can survive for long. As more bodies turn up, Rivera and the others begin to realize they may be up against an enemy far deadlier than the desert, an unseen adversary that will stop at nothing to take from them what it needs to survive. A mythical evil that may not be myth at all, but horrifically real, could very well be stalking them, and their only hope of surviving the same fate that befell the missing party lies in deciphering the clues to their disappearance before it's too late. If it isn't already...

From Michael McBride, bestselling author of "Burial Ground" and "Snowblind," comes "Sunblind," a thrilling new novel of terror and action that will take you on an unforgettable journey from the desperate streets of Mexico, through the deadliest corridor in the world, to a place where mankind was never meant to tread.

Michael McBride’s Sunblind is a gripping, horrific, thriller about a group of Mexicans crossing the Sonoran desert into the United States. One woman, Mayra, fleeing the horrors of her life, and looking for a better one discovers that there are worse things awaiting her in the sandy wastes. U.S. Border Patrol Agent Christian Rivera discovers the body of the woman, and seeks to uncover the mystery of what caused her to carve a warning into her own chest. The story is told through the dual perspectives of Mayra and Rivera. Mayra’s POV starts in the past and heads forward. It is her story that shows us what she and her group went through along their treacherous journey to freedom. Rivera’s POV is set in the present. Readers try to unravel the mystery of what horrors are lurking in the desert via both POVs.

I really enjoyed this story. It was one of the books picked for the April 2016 Horror Reading Challenge book club read-a-long, and the synopsis hooked me immediately. I’ve been trying to read more diverse books, so when I read the synopsis of a horror story that begins in Mexico, and features Mexican characters, I was really excited to read it. McBride paints a story of people looking for a better life who get victimized from all sides. Not only does the coyote who they hire to shepherd them across the desert charge obscene amounts of money, but then something begins to pick them off one by one in the dead of night. This tale of survival ups the ante in a big way, when the characters end up fighting more than just the elements, but a predator looking to make them its next meal.

One of the aspects of the book I really loved was how McBride keeps you guessing all the way up until the very end. By not letting readers in on what’s after the group, it allowed my imagination to run wild. As they are more and more desperate to survive, I grew more and more stressed out. This is definitely the perfect book to read on a lazy afternoon, as you’ll find it extremely difficult to put down. If you’re looking for an action-packed horror story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then you’ll definitely want to check out Michael McBride’s Sunblind.

About Michael McBride

Michael McBride was born in Colorado and still resides in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. He hates the snow, but loves the Avalanche. He works with medical radiation, yet somehow managed to produce five children, none of whom, miraculously, have tails, third eyes, or other random mutations. He writes fiction that runs the gamut from thriller to horror to science fiction…and loves every minute of it.


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