Month in Review: March (MARCH 28TH – April 2nd)

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The Week in Review

I decided that I would do a weekly recap, and link up with The Sunday Post, which is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer, that was inspired in part by In My Mailbox. It’s a post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog. I went back to work last week, and it was hard to get back into the groove. However, my students were doing pretty well, so that made it easier for me, and helped to make the week fly by.

This weekend was pretty busy. On Saturday, I went to the Los Angeles Public Library’s “Big Read,” in which we discussed Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. It was a pretty cool event. The library had a wonderful panel of bookish people working in the industry as either writers, preservationists, agents, etc. They also offered refreshments, and gave out gift bags. I arrived too late for one of those 🙁 Oh, well! It was a pretty good turnout, and I was very impressed.

After I left there I had my monthly book club meeting, and we discussed The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. That was a pretty interesting meeting, as everyone was very opinionated about the book. My own personal feelings about it are one of the reason I’ve waited so long to write my review. Now that I’ve talked to the ladies, I think I have a better idea on what I’m going to write. Very helpful! Afterwards, we went to dinner. It’s always a great time hanging with the ladies of Mocha Girls Read!

book haul

last month on the blog

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this week on the blog

  • Book Review: Half Lost (Half Bad Trilogy) by Sally Green
  • Book Review: Burning by Danielle Rollins
  • Book Review: The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
  • Book Review: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

around the blogosphere

reading challenge update

2016 Dystopia Reading Challenge

2016 Dystopia Reading Challenge

Host: Cornerfolds
My Summary Post
Progress: 21/25 (84%)
1 January, 2016 — 31 December, 2016


2016 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge

2016 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge

Host: Bea's Book Nook
My Summary Post
Progress: 19/39 (49%)
1 January, 2016 — 31 December, 2016


2016 Horror Reading Challenge

2016 Horror Reading Challenge

Host: Cornerfolds
Progress: 26/20 (130%)
1 January, 2016 — 31 December, 2016


Reading England 2016 Challenge

Reading England 2016 Challenge

Host: Behold the Stars
My Summary Post
Progress: 3/12 (25%)
1 January, 2016 — 31 December, 2016


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10 responses to “Month in Review: March (MARCH 28TH – April 2nd)

  1. Looks like you’re doing well on most of your challenges! I hadn’t come across the Reading England challenge yet, and I’m tempted to join, except that I’m trying to keep challenges to a minimum this year. But I will check it out.

    Your library’s “Big Read” sounds like a really cool event. Now I’m curious as to whether my library system does those. And you had a great month of posts — well done!
    Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard recently posted…Sunday Post – 4/03/16My Profile

    • @Angelized_1st

      Yeah, I’ve been trying to stay on it. Now that I’ve cut back on blog tours and book blitzes, I didn’t think I’d have as much posted last month. I did the Back to the Classics challenge last year, so this year I decided to try Reading England, because I realized the majority of the books I read took place in England. Not off to a good start, but I did start Wuthering Heights. Having difficulty getting into it, though.

  2. I am sorry to hear it was hard to get back in the groove, but that’s good your students were doing well. That library event sounds fun! I hope april will be a good month for you!
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #172My Profile

    • @Angelized_1st

      I think I got spoiled by spring break. It gave me too much of a taste for summer. I only have like 8 more weeks, so I can’t really complain too much without sounding like a douche. LOL! The library event was pretty fun. I really enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great month as well 🙂

    • @Angelized_1st

      I’ve been really trying to be on my challenges, but I need to work on my Reading England. I enjoyed my books, but there’s a lot of good ones coming out this moth, too! Maybe you should look for a book club on Meet Up. That’s not where I found mine, but they are listed on there as well. You may be surprised what you find.

    • @Angelized_1st

      Hahaha! It took me a while to figure out how to spell it, too 🙂 You should check it out if you have a chance. It’s a pretty good dystopian novel, and it’s short. Only 160 pages or so. Pretty easy to get into. Have a great week!

    • @Angelized_1st

      So far it’s off to a good start. Hopefully it will continue to be good. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week 🙂

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