Article: Great Bookish Swag for Bibliophiles

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Ever try to buy a gift for a bookish person? If you haven’t, it’s incredibly difficult. You can’t buy them books, because they may already have them. Movie adaptations never compare to the novel, and most really bookish folk avoid them like the plague. And gift cards? Forget it! While they’ll be appreciated, they lack that originality you may be looking for. Being a bibliophile who loves bookish swag, I decided to visit my favorite time waster, Etsy, to find you all some cool things to pick up for yourself or someone you know who loves cool, bookish stuff. These items are unique, range in prices, and beat a gift card any day of the week. Just click the links to visit the sites, and pursue their wares. You never know what you might find.

Frostbeard Candles  

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know about these book themed candles. But if you are, you may want to crawl out and take a whiff of some of these popular book scents. Some of these smell better than others, but it all depends on the person. Maybe you want to buy a candle based on your loved one’s favorite novel. What better way to say “I’m thinking of you,” than with a gift they’ll always remember. These soy candles come in an array of bright colors, and have the best names ever. Candles are $18, but tea light candles are only $6.75.

Jewelry by Compliment

Want to give someone some bookish jewelry? Jewelry by Compliment sells necklaces and earrings created with mini book charms. If your bookish friend doesn’t like scents, then maybe give them something they could wear instead. This way, they can show off their literary tastes in style, and be sure to grab attention wherever they go. Plus, if you’re shy, these will undoubtedly make great conversation pieces at your next party. This jewelry ranges from $21-$39.



Something even more stylish for the bookish fashionista is the library card pashmina scarf. It’s really soft, and comes in an array of colors. At $44 dollars it may not be affordable to give just anyone, but it would be a great gift for someone really close to you who’s worth the cost. My mom isn’t a big reader, but even she would appreciate the uniqueness of this gift. For him, you can purchase a literary tie. Great gift idea for an English teacher, librarian, or literature professor.

Icey Designs

Have someone special who loves to write with pencil? IceyDesigns sells different book themed pencils in coordinating colors. You can buy a set of seven custom pencils for $13.95. Some have quotes like the Shakespeare set, while others , like their Once Upon a Time set, has character descriptions. Not into pencils? They also have a lot of other cute bookish stuff for under $20, so you’re bound to find something you like.

Novel Creations

I just discovered this shop today, and I want all the bags! Novel Creations makes purses out of real books. Buyers can customize the handles, add feet, corners, or fringe. You can even forgot the handles and turn your bag into a clutch. Not into handbags? No big deal! You can also order your bag with a shoulder strap if you prefer. The books come in many different genres from classics, romance, and even science fiction. The bags begin at $55, and can take up to a month to ship. They are custom, after all, so be patient. If you want the pages of your book, you can buy them for an extra $0.25.

First Edition Tea Company


Books and tea seem to go hand-in-hand, so why not get some tea to go with your favorite book! These teas come in a gorgeous tin, and make a great gift for the bookish tea lover in our life. Small bags of loose-leaf tea start at just $2.50, and buyers can buy up from there. You can even purchase a five-pack (as pictured above) if you plan on giving someone a gift basket for the holidays, or another special occasion.

Quotes & Prose

Quotes & Prose sell great quotes you can frame and put up around the favorite reading place in your home. If you have your own library, these quotes would make a great addition to your little reading nook. The one above is a downloadable print, and the shop is currently having a 50% off sale. They even sell nursery quotes you can purchase for your little person’s room.


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4 responses to “Article: Great Bookish Swag for Bibliophiles

  1. This is a great list! I have been realizing I have more and more options for gifts now since Uppercase and Owlcrate usually include bookish swag. I got a sample of a FrostBeard company and a little something from First edition Tea Company. I have also bought way too much from Society6. Most of the bookish stuff there is from bloggers who design on the side. Oh and Novel Ink has an etsy (as well as probably loads of other book bloggers), I have bought some bookish fun from her as well.
    Karen Blue recently posted…BEA, the THING that happened, and a GiveawayMy Profile

    • @Angelized_1st

      Oh, I didn’t realize she had an etsy store! I need to check it out. I just got an Owlcrate subscription, and haven’t decided yet if I like it more than Uppercase. I’ve smelled some of the FrostBeard candles, but I haven’t bought any for myself. They’re so cute, though! I’m keeping an eye out for possible Christmas gifts this year.

  2. Oh these are all great ideas! And indeed buying books for a book lover is always tricky, as you never know which books they do and don’t have. If I still want to give them something bookish I usually go for a gift card for a bookstore, but I agree that does lack originality. So I like the idea of book inspired product. Those candles have been on my wishlist on etsy for a long time now, I really want to give them a try once, they sound great. I do own one bookish bracelet and bookmarks are always a hit for me too. There are os many fun products that have something to do with books available online for booklovers and etsy or other similar stores are a great place to start. Those scarfs look great too. Oh and bookish tea, lol.
    Lola recently posted…Review: Rest in Peach by Susan FurlongMy Profile

    • @Angelized_1st

      I’ve been buying books for people I think should be reading, LOL, for the past several years, but I liked some of these for myself. I guess, because I’m the difficult one to buy for. Now when I try things out I won’t have to hunt them down again. I love the idea of buying one of the candles and gifting it with the book it goes with. Such a cute gift idea! I know my aunt would love that. That and the tea.

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