New Comics Subscription Service: comiXology Unlimited Launched

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Earlier this month I discovered Marvel Unlimited comic subscription service, and began a free trial. So far I’m in love! I’ve been reading all of the Civil War books since the film’s release, and it’s been great fun. Their basic subscription service is $9.99/mo, but you can save more money if you opt for the yearly subscription. Plus, you also get a welcome gift. I’m doing the monthly right now, because I have a tendency to get into something for a while, and then drop it. However, by the fall if I’m still invested, I’ll upgrade. What does Marvel Unlimited have to do with anything? Well, comiXology recently began their own Unlimited service at a lower price.

ComiXology is another eComic service where fans can download their favorite titles to read on their favorite device. I’ve had an account with them for years, but honestly haven’t been using it as much since it got taken over by Amazon. As an Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited subscriber, this must seem strange, but I have my reasons. One reason, was that once Amazon bought the company, you could no longer buy comics directly from the app, but had to get them from online via comiXology or Amazon. I found this to be somewhat inconvenient. This is still the case. If you want a book, you can wishlist it from your phone or tablet, and then downloaded once you’re able to get on your computer. With Marvel, you can get books directly from the app. A really great feature if you’re traveling.

However, one of the perks of comiXology Unlimited (besides being almost 50% cheaper), is that you can get any title, whereas Marvel only gets you… well, Marvel comics. For fans of DC, Vertigo, Dark Horse, etc., this feature is an added boon. Besides, you can download more than one comic to your device, which will help if you’re on the road for a while. Though their database is vast, that doesn’t mean every comic they have is free with subscription. Many you still have to pay for, and in fact, this service works just like Kindle Unlimited. Many entry level comics (first in a series, older titles, etc.) are unlimited, but if you want the latest Batman comic, you’re going to have to pay for it separately, as DC (and Marvel, obviously) are not part of the subscription service.

In the end, comiXology, thanks to Amazon, has thrown its hat into the ring of subscription services. With them you get titles from many different companies, including independent, a low monthly price, and the convenience of using your Amazon account. Even though they updated the site, I still prefer using the Marvel app. It’s more user-friendly, new and noteworthy comics are easier to discover, and I think they books are showcased more beautifully. Plus, I’m more of a Marvel reader, so its worth the extra $4. However, if you prefer books from other companies, than comiXology is probably your best bet for an affordable subscription service.


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2 responses to “New Comics Subscription Service: comiXology Unlimited Launched

    • @Angelized_1st

      Yeah, it’s pretty cool! I’m loving my Marvel subscription. I also like how comiXology changed their user interface for the Unlimited launch. It’s way better than it was.

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