Book Review: Survivors (The Morningstar Strain) by Z. A. Recht

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Book Review: Survivors (The Morningstar Strain) by Z. A. RechtSurvivors by Z.A. Recht
Series: The Morningstar Strain #3
Published by Simon and Schuster on June 19th 2012
Genres: Fiction, Horror, Thrillers, General
Pages: 320
Format: eBook
ISBN: 9781451628838
Buy on: AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooks

The long-awaited finale of Z.A. Recht’s “action-packed zombie extravaganza” (Ryan C. Thomas) that began with the acclaimed novels Plague of the Dead and Thunder and Ashes. . . .


In the wake of the zombie apocalypse, two separate bands of survivors journey across a decimated America, each with the desperate goal of finding the cure for the virulent plague that threatens the existence of humankind—or what’s left of it. Now it’s up to these inheritors of the future to outlive their waking nightmare, any way they can.


One group includes a brilliant virologist; for the other, an immune soldier proves invaluable. Battling infected and marauding raiders at every turn, the teams soon uncover the devious plans of Sawyer, an agent of the Chairman of the Reunited States of America, who believes that Dr. Anna Demilio already has the cure, and he will stop at nothing to find her. Now, with the salvation of the world and their own souls on the line, how far will the survivors go to emerge victorious?

After completing Thunder and Ashes, there was no way I couldn’t pick up Survivors right away. The third and final novel in Z. A. Recht’s The Morningstar Strain series finds the survivors trying to make their way towards Omaha. Dr. Anna Demilio is at work trying to create a vaccine, if not a cure, for Morningstar. Despite what former NSA Agent Sawyer believes, Demilio doesn’t have a cure she’s been hiding away from the world. Knowing he’s on his way to reclaim her and her “cure,” Demilio is working with limited time. If the infected don’t get her, Sawyer might. Meanwhile, the good doctor doesn’t know that out in the violent wasteland that was once the United States, an immune soldier is headed right for her.

Survivors was a great conclusion to this suspenseful zombie story. The huge cast of characters continued to be multi-dimensional and complex, pulling the reader into the story. I had a great interest in everyone, and hoped for them to survive. Sawyer continued to be a good villain, if not a bit of a caricature. I really hated him, and prayed for the survivors to best him. Like always, the zombies brought tension to the scenes they popped up in, but the real threat was between the last vestiges of society. There’s nothing scarier than your fellow-man, I think, and so it was interesting seeing what the characters would do under certain circumstances.

It’s hard to talk much about the book without spoiling it, but I will say it’s definitely worth checking out. If you’re a fraidy-cat, don’t worry! The book is suspenseful, but not exactly horrifying in the way most horror novels are. At least not where the zombies are concerned. The people are the real monsters of the series, and it’s them you have to look out for. If there was anything I didn’t care for in this novel it was the ending. I kind of felt it was too short to wrap up everyone’s storyline in way that does them justice. It felt really rushed, and I thought the characters deserved more than a footnote. However, that’s honestly my only complain about this novel and the entire series.


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