Book Review: Skewed by Anne McAneny

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Book Review: Skewed by Anne McAnenySkewed by Anne McAneny
Published by Thomas & Mercer on March 24th 2015
Genres: Fiction, Mystery
Pages: 382
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Buy on: AmazonBarnes & Noble

SKEWED… a tantalizing mystery thriller that opens with a bang, turns lives upside down, and delivers a shocking jolt of a finale...

Janie Perkins rocks a warped relationship with cameras. Forced in front of them as an infant under grim circumstances, she now hides behind them as a crime scene photographer with a bad habit. But for a girl born to a waitress in a coma—courtesy of a bullet from her famous father—warped relationships are the norm. When Janie receives two photos of her mother's crime scene, she gains a dire perspective on the decades-old death, one that threatens to upend her life and resurrect the wrath of the long-dormant Haiku Killer.

With her twin brother running for office and her own problems rising to the fore, Janie finds herself in the dreaded spotlight once again. These recent photos won't help matters. Enlisting the help of a unique crime consultant, a newbie detective, and her estranged father, Janie pries off the layers of deceit that marked her mother's final day. But as an unwelcome truth finally comes into focus, Janie may wish she'd left things undeveloped. Will she now pay the ultimate price for finally righting her skewed existence?

“Political language . . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”—George Orwell

I’ve been interested in reading Skewed ever since its release, but like many other novels it got put on the back burner. When I discovered it for free with my Kindle Unlimited subscription, I couldn’t pass it up. Yet, it remained on my reader just waiting to be read for months on end. I’m glad I finally got around to reading it, as Skewed was a gripping, suspenseful, murder mystery.

The story centers around the famous “Haiku Twins,” who were born to a brain-dead woman a month after she’s shot in the head and murdered. The culprit is the man believed to be their father, and has been sitting in prison for the past 30 years. However, his guilt comes into question when Janie Perkins, crime scene photographer, receives a photo of her mother’s murder in the mail. If her father is the killer, then who is sending her photos taken moments after her mother’s murder?

I liked Jack and Jane’s characters, and would love to see them involved in another crime involving their town. Everyone there has lots of character (no pun intended), and I could see a series sprung off of this novel. While Jane loves staying behind the camera, her brother Jack is following in their father’s footsteps by running for political office. It was interesting to see how much has come between the twins over the years, yet how tight their bond remains in spite of it all.

The mystery is told from two perspectives: Jane’s in present day, and her mother’s thirty years prior. McAneny slowly unravels the clues to the mystery as both POVs converge to one final conclusion. The story has lots of twists, turns, and suspects to this heinous crime. Jack and Jane’s father came off as a likable character, and I couldn’t help to root for his exoneration. If you’re looking for a whodunit to read by the fire this winter, Skewed is definitely a book you should put on your list.


About Anne McAneny

For many years, Anne sharpened her writing skills on screenplays that often became contest finalists. Today, she lives in Virginia with her husband and children, along with a puggle and a formerly stray cat that sneaked into the basement years ago. She enjoys biking, hiking, and all manner of activity, as long as it’s balanced by chocolate and Belgian beer–or a tasty combination thereof. She loves to hear from readers, so please connect with her on her Facebook Fan Page (Books by Anne McAneny) or on Twitter (@AnneMcAneny).


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